Ava Fertility Tracker2.0. Ava 2.0 may be the improved form of our scientifically proven fertility monitoring bracelet.

It comes down by having a sleeker band, optimized sensor pod for better convenience, and a vibrating security.

It makes use of sensor technology to expose what’s actually happening together with your cycle—whether you’re trying to conceive, are expecting, or simply just desire to better understand your system. Used just while asleep, Ava eliminates the guesswork around monitoring your cycle. Syncs with iPhone and Android os. Tested for cycles 24 – 35 days. Perhaps Maybe Maybe Not tested for PCOS.

US sales: Your Ava will get to 3-5 company times.

Canada instructions: Your Ava will show up within 10 company days. Your order is delivered with FedEx and unfortuitously we can’t deliver to P.O. Bins.

EU/UK sales: Your Ava will get to 3-5 company times.

Switzerland instructions: Your Ava will deliver in 3-5 company times.

We have been presently shipping into the United States, Canada, europe (EU28), Switzerland and Liechtenstein. To learn whenever we’re shipping to your nation, register here.

Ava is non-refundable and non-returnable. When it comes to material defects included in our two-year restricted guarantee, please contact support and we’ll be delighted to greatly help.

See that is putting on Ava. The thing that makes Ava various?

Wear Ava when you sleep, therefore the sleep is looked after.

Ava detects the window that is fertile on real-time information from your own human body.

Ava is scientifically shown to identify on average five fertile times per cycle—giving both you and your partner more flexibility around planning for babymaking.

Ava is made by a group of physicians and scientists invested in advancing medical comprehension of the menstrual period. We don’t simply make services and products, we conduct medical studies and publish peer-reviewed papers.

As well as your fertile screen, Ava tracks your rest, physiological anxiety degree, and resting heart rate, supplying a holistic comprehension of your quality of life.

Ava Reviews

Is Ava suitable for me personally? The below is intended as being a guideline. To get more questions that are detailed whether Ava is suitable for you, check out our FAQs and check with your physician.

Ava will be able to work with cycles slightly smaller or longer compared to the average that is 28-day supplied they have been of constant size.

Ava can be utilized with endometriosis, unless there clearly was scarring that is severe interrupts ovulation.

Ava could be used to time conception techniques except that sexual intercourse, e.g. Synthetic insemination.

Ava can be utilized while breastfeeding as soon as your cycle has came back.

Ava functions by sensing physiological modifications associated to your normal hormones levels.

Ava will not be tested with fertility problems that interrupt ovulation, such as PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Ava will not be tested on females with irregular rounds that differ commonly in total.

Ava will not be tested nor designed for maternity prevention.

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Ava is significantly diffent, offering users something which works such as for instance a fertility Fitbit – and it’s really as simple as your physical fitness tracker to utilize.

The wrist-worn unit identifies fertile times. The typical is recognized as five per period, which can be about two a lot more than other practices. This nearly doubles the wearer’s possibilities to conceive.

Even although you’re perhaps not considering beginning a household any time soon, once you understand if you are fertile could be a thing that is really empowering.

The device that is wrist-worn fertile times. The common is defined as five per period, that is about two a lot more than almost every other practices. This almost doubles the wearer’s possibilities to conceive.

Unlike a great many other fertility trackers, its manufacturers state Ava can let you know when you are many fertile in real-time, while most methods that use heat and cycle-tracking alone work only in retrospect.

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